Monday, April 23, 2012

Loveless: It's all about her...

Loveless: It's all about her...: She said to me that  She waited for a very long time for me to arrive But she doesn't know That I am there just behind her Silently gazing a...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's all about her...

She said to me that 
She waited for a very long time for me to arrive
But she doesn't know
That I am there just behind her
Silently gazing at her..

She tells me everyday that she loves me..
But I tell her every hour of her infinite and pure beauty
She completes me in every small things..

She gave me a letter,
Inside of it tells our stories together
But she is clueless about a certain memory
That she doesn't remember
Because in fact,
Every time when she falls asleep 
I was there making a story of how she dreams..

I told her she is the only one..
But she told me in return..
That she doesn't believe in fairy tales..
So I told her that..

We are not living in a fairy tale.. 
We are living by our individual chapters of our life..
And the chapter that I am reading today
Is all about you..

She gave me a sudden smile on her face
Almost as if I'm looking at a mirror 
Because I'm smiling back at her

In that moment
It's almost like we are the only ones left.
But I was wrong..
She is the only one left in my mind..

In the end.. 
It was never about me from the start..

It's all about her...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Joker..

Jokes are not meant to hurt but to deliver laughs and smiles in our faces..
But sometimes, it seems to have a different effect to others and to the people around us. I don't even know why they tend to misinterpret jokes that aren't that intentional or anything.

Jokes are meant to hide your true self, forms and the shape of your personality.. But as much as u try to hide your own thoughts, it will be ten times harder to accept reality itself when time the comes for you. You were wrong to think that you could hide yourself forever in eternal bliss and fake happiness..

That is why you have to be yourself when you try to joke the people around you...

There are really certain persons in your life who could see through your disguise even if you really are a joker, who could see the emptiness and burdens that you tend to keep inside..

And you can only hope that they won't be affected by your own problems because as far as you can persevere through life. There is no one else you could rely on except yourself in the end..

Jokes are really nothing but words, but if you try to deepen your insight.. You would see it differently than others would..

Reality itself is speaking in your mind..


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