Friday, May 25, 2012

Heartless -=Night 5=-

As I see you in my dreams, always paving a way to reach a certain place..
You are there, trying to tell me a message..
A simple yet complicated kind of message..
I wonder why..

But you always remind me of shooting stars..
Appearing so gallantly, and disappears without a trace...
Like a sound of music trying to whisper through my heart

I ask myself..
"How many nights has it been since you told me you want me by your side?"..
"How many nights has it been since I last saw you hold my hand?"..

I reach to a certain point in my life that I kept on looking for the emptiness that I desire..

Will you be willing to wait for me?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm Poof!!!

Wew... 2 words.... I'm Poof!!!!...

Life for me is not easy as I thought it would be. Especially being a nurse. Okay this is another random rant from my personal life, So excuse my rantings here ^_^.. I'm sure everyone wants to talk a thing or two about their life on their blogs. hehe..

So anyways, Nurses here in our country is pretty sure rampant and very twisted because of the fact that we nurses have to graduate from a devastating 4 year college degree and after that we have to pass the gates of hell called the board exam. And no, our sacrifice doesn't stop there. Actually we have to earn experience as nurses in training (NO SALARY!!) before we can earn the title as staff nurses and guess what?.. Being a nurse in training is pretty tiresome because of the fact that we are giving our very best to pave our way of being a staff nurse but crazy as it seems. We are required to have so many trainings, attend a lot of seminar that exhaust us and by the minute we receive what we want, we are already what? 40 year old?. Lol Lol..

Oh well, the famous line we nurses always recite... "Love is service".. Lol.. I should really stop here hehehe.. well I just wanted to share it to every one especially to my fellow nurses out there who are experiencing the same situation as I am..

Good thing I have blog here, so I can really express what I can't in the real world.. ^_^..

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Loveless by Rekazan

I just wanted to share this picture made by my best friend for me and my website entitled Loveless... ^_^

You can find some of his works here

Try to read the inscription on the picture.. I'm sure you will really love it. You will really feel his sense of passion towards the people he loved and towards the person he will always remember as his special someone ^_^..


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