Saturday, July 30, 2011

End of the month~

Its the end of the month yet again, but here I am still wandering a lot of things.
The never ending problems that we face everyday in our life. Before we know it, it became like a daily activity that we tend to challenge..

A lot of my friends told me to make my everyday life to be productive, and I know what they mean by that..
But the question is how? or what I should do about it?..

It seems that everyday we are given a lot of questions that we should decide wisely because it could change our lives drastically.. So we should give a lot of thoughts about it..

But still, in the end, we tend to ask ourselves...

"What if?"..
We tend to become hesitant of our choices..

Friday, July 29, 2011

Heartless ~Night 3~


But I never gave up...
Even If I have to clone myself
Even if I have to deny nature and its laws..

I will find her..
I will listen to her voice..
I will feel her warmth one last time...

If only she has the will to try, 
to accept me in her life...

All that matters is the moment and right picture to capture...

Monday, July 25, 2011


Argax~ said to be a mythical elixir made to forget certain memories...
It can be the most embarrassing memory you ever had..
It can be the most painful..
Or it can even be the most happiest memory you ever had...

No one has ever tried this elixir because they are afraid of the side effects cause by this elixir..
Some say all of your memories will be gone...
Some say you will never see lightness again...
Some even said that the person closest to your heart will be the person you will surely hate the most in the end..

Will you dare drink this elixir??

-Loveless(Purely Fictional ^_^)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moving beyond~

Soul Searching

What do you usually do in a boring day?..
sleep more?
eat more??
watch tv, play video games, watch movies, surfing the internet???

For me??

I tried something new...
It's what you call soul searching ^_^...
Although it can be called meditation as well but for me I called it that way,
Because of the fact that you are trying to converse with your inner self and that you are trying to sort everything out,,

Anything that you have in your life...

I recommend you do it in a serene place like the beach, or maybe in a mountain...xD

Try it yourself...^_^

Friday, July 22, 2011


From the time I was born, til the day I die...
The only side I am on, is my own...
Nothing else to rely on except myself...
No other shoulders to share your burdens except your own...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Watching @ the horizon

Heartless ~Night 2~

When I woke up...
I was trying to think that she was not just a dream but a reality to me...

And so i began to search for her..
Both in fantasy and in reality..
I know my efforts will not be in vain..
I just need to see her one last time...

Let my wish be granted..
So that I will be in eternal slumber..
With no regrets..
Nothing else more...

And so I tried to sleep..
But I cannot...
Maybe because I was afraid that she is in the world of reality and that I will never be able to wake up again..

The risk that i have to take is just too much to bear..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunrise? or Sunset?


This is one of those things that makes life beautiful and at the same time a mystery...

Happiness is related to a lot of things, it can be in any shape, size, form, element, factor, just about anything that encompasses life..

The most common form of happiness is in the form of love...
Love for the person of your life...
Love for family..
Love for friends..
Love for the things you treasure the most in your life...

Almost 90% of the world's population are asking themselves

"What is happiness?"..

"How can I achieve my own happiness?"..

"Is it even existing?"..

True this is a very difficult thing to achieve, a lot of sacrifices has to be made in order to get this..
But in the end you will tell yourself..

It is worth it.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

~Flying without Wings~

Feels like your flying with the wind right?? ~_~

Loveless: Heartless

Heartless ~Night 1~

I sacrificed everything just to be with you..
I rushed to picked you up by the side walk..
Where we met for the very 1st time...
Where our eyes gazed at each other like there's no tomorrow...
As if we've known each other for a very long time...

And so I said..
Will you take my hand?..
Take me forever and be by my side..

Will you be mine forever??

And when you finally open your lips..
And whisper through my ears...

I woke up...
It was only just a dream..

Loveless: Doubts VS. Trust

~Majority of the world's population is in the side of doubts against everything about life...

Were in only a few remains at the side of trust because they rely mostly on the power of pure love...

And those few are considered fools..

The irony of life?..~


Heaven's Touch

Friday, July 15, 2011


~It's been years since I was hang at the edge of a cliff...

It's been months since I last tasted the sweetness of life...

A few minutes has passed by since I spoke the words that came from heart...

And only been a second since u left me here alone to die...~


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