Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of The Month #6




Friday, December 30, 2011

The Peak of Love

It was recently our 1st anniversary together.
I got a lot of things to be prepared of, especially my feelings for her and what I've felt for her for the past 12 months.
I feared that I won't be able to reach out to her..
I was too afraid that I won't be able to touch her heart..

I was wrong..
She was the one who reached onto me..
I was very stupid because I thought I am the only one
Who is always reaching out to her

But here I am..
Completely blinded by my own selfishness.
Here I am,
Standing right in front of her,
Looking at her straight into those gazing eyes..

She gave me strength that guided me for the rest of my years..
She gave me warmth that I never felt before
A feeling worth dying for,
A very mystical, amazing feeling that I could not comprehend by words..
There's no one else like her..


I say to myself, because of the fact that she is...without a doubt..

"My Only One"

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Teardrops on Christmas

Today is Christmas eve..
I know the feeling, that certain feeling..
Where you always try to look around every corners of the streets..
Trying to look for something worthwhile..
I couldn't face the facts that Christmas is already here
But you are not..

Every time I open each and every presents I have..
I think of you..
Each time I pray and forget the thoughts of you..
You stare at me blankly in my open mind..
I don't remember when was the last time we spend Christmas together
But I always remember your smile
Every time you look above the skies 
During the cold nights when we were together..

Christmas may not be as it was before..
But your words will always be with me

Engraved in my heart

"Merry Christmas...My Love"

Saturday, December 24, 2011

~Christmas: A season we can never forget~

Christmas is in the air...
Every where I go..
I see lights, the atmosphere of the holiday season
I hear songs filled with joy..

But here I am, so stressed out because of the unexpected things that occurred recently in my life, but still, we have to continue pushing forward especially this Christmas ^_^, where in there are a lot of foods!! lols.. Wish you all the best everyone!..

Happy Birthday Jesus Christ...


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Woke up on the wrong side of the bed"

If you were to face a continuous bad mornings and events that doesn't usually occur every time you wake up, what would be your first reaction?.. Surprised and irritable right?.. toinkz..

Christmas is fast approaching but here I am catching a bad cold because of weather changes everyday. Here I am, trying to adjust to every tiny little things I call insecurities in my life. Here I am trying to finish the project that I still haven't started.. lols.. Ranting has been a habit which is not good, so before I start ranting about my life, lets go to the main topic at hand ^_^...

I know almost everybody experience once or twice or almost every time in their lives, waking up on the wrong side of their bed, which is a very troublesome event because of the fact that instead of starting your morning right and clean, you end up being trap in the middle of a mystery and left with a very big question at the top of your head ^_^..

So if this happens to you, what will you do?...

In my own opinion, you should just try to forget about that certain thing and try to start with your morning rituals or if not. Try to eat your breakfast because you will certainly be empty headed if your stomach is also empty, and if that doesn't work. I suggest you should just sleep for a little because you might wake up again in the right side of your bed :).. lols

Another random thought I guess since I am very bored right now with nothing else to do except stare at my blog thinking and thinking what should I write next.. :)

Well Good day to all of you ^_^.. thanks for dropping by here..

Friday, December 9, 2011


~A darkened Life~

I'm sorry, but it is really difficult for us to be together..
I'm sorry that I hurt your feelings but this is the best I could think of for the both of us..
I'm sorry... I'm sorry
But I really did love you from the deepest chambers of my heart...

As I walk towards my end, 
completely blinded by the pain that binds me completely..
The pain that is aching inside of me..
As these lines whispers through my ears,
" I'm sorry but I love you"

I want to cry my heart out, 
but tears just won't come out..
I want to stop at the very moment of my life,
but my feelings are too strong to overcome..
I don't want to loose all the hope I can gather,
but the pain is slowly killing me from within..

The moment I stop walking,
will be the very moment that I would stop loving you..

So I walk endlessly,
without thinking anything else, except my love for you..
Even if my feet hurts..
Even if my vision blurs..
Even if my mind has gone empty..
Even if the entire life energy I have has gone away...

I won't stop...
Til Death itself comes to me..

Loveless: Death

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Quick Thought...

"If you were to face the greatest dilemma that would change your entire life forever....

Would you take the bet?.. knowing that it can really hurt the ones you love but as a matter of fact, you are saving them against dangers and unsolved misunderstandings..

It's like you are sacrificing yourself for others but in return you are hated for it.."

Just a thought I would like to share with you all since we are face with a lot of questions that we have to think of carefully before answering them because our decisions will not only affect ourselves, but also the people around us. Especially our family and love ones.

Friday, December 2, 2011

End of The Month #5

This post is supposed to be written in the last day of November.. ^_^

Wew... I missed a lot of days thinking a lot of things, plus the hectic schedule I had last month..
Well anyways, last month was pretty much my dying month because of the fact that I had a lot of problems to solve on my own and pretty much how I dodge a huge bullet in front of me.

I had a lot of nightmares during the night and a lot of stressful scenarios during the day. How I withstand it?.. Simple.. I just simply eat, pray a lot and emote? ^_^.. Yes.. I've been very emotional lately, because of the fact that I had a lot of fights and misunderstandings with my girlfriend, I've been pushing myself to things I didn't know and worst part of it.. I loose all the pride that I had in myself and I have to regain it quickly because, well, I know pride is not a good thing but for me it's not completely bad either, it's just a matter of how you use it to yourself and to the people around you...

Even though last month was a very tiring month for me, but still I learned a lot from it.. The mistakes and errors that I have made me realize that some things are not meant to be no matter how much you try and try to gain that certain thing. There are what you call limits, a limit on how you give and gain trust with people, a limit on how you should love and receive love in return but one thing you should not put your limitations on.... The power of prayer and how you believe in your faith with your God.. :) ^_^ (:

Christmas is just right around the corner everyone ^_^ wish you all the best with your life...

Friday, November 25, 2011

Silent days..

I am here....

Waiting for you
Even if its just a glimpse of you
A message
A sign
A note
 Whatever it is 
As long as it is a part of you

Is it too much to ask?

While your there laughing so happy with him
I am here torturing myself.... 
Over you 
Because you left me here all alone 
With nothing else 
Except pain..

You are walking alongside with him
Holding hands together
His arms wrap around you
Like we used to..

You are taking him to places 
we used to go..
The footprints we left on the beach
The food we used to eat
The places we used to hang out with
You are leaving me out of it...

The memories and dreams we made together

Thrown away like pieces of trash

But here I am
Trying to find those pieces 
Trying to mold them together
To create another dream of us

Still in the end..
It is only me left...
No more you..

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Heartless ~=Nightmare=~

I've been wondering why, my dreams were never that happy, enjoyable, instead, it was all horrible, anger and deceit were all I felt in my heart whenever I had dreams about you...

In one nightmare I had, you left me all alone without saying a word, no eye contact, no nothing...
I tried to chase you but you were so far away, my feet cannot move as if it was paralyzed ...
I tried to shout your name but no sound came out from my mouth as if I was mute...
I don't know what to do anymore except to reach out my hand to you as if you were just there an inch away from me...I kept on hoping....

Another dream I had or rather another nightmare about you...
You were with someone else. I was devastated by the sight of you and that other guy your with...
I was just there looking at you straight in the eyes and you were looking back at me as if I was nothing but a worthless trash.. I had nothing else left to do except just to stand there.. It was a painful image left in my memory...

The fact that there were all my dreams.. But I had no control over them..

I still couldn't  have you even if it was just a dream.. A sad thought indeed -_-....

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Did it ever occur to you all, that every time we wake up every morning, we tend to remember each and every details of what happened in our lives. Especially the past, we are what we are because of the past. We became mature enough to handle our own problems because of the mistakes we once experience in the past...

People who experienced pain and suffering from their previous life tends to forget their past but the past is not that easy to forget, especially if it had a big impact in your life. I for one, had experienced a lot of things in life, be it painful, sad, happy moments... But I never wanted to forget any of it, because they are all precious memories that made me what I am today.

Sure there are a lot of traumatizing memories that gives us reason to shut down those pathetic scenarios in our life but no matter what we do, we will always remember it, that is why it is better to face and challenge our fears than to keep on running away from it. Just like the parts of our body, memories are like the embodiment of what we might become in the future....

I wake up each day, thinking if I could redo my past, my history but there are some things that made me say " If I redid my past, I would have never met the people that I love in the present, I would have never experienced the happy and enjoyable moments that I have in my family and friends today"..

That's why, rather than changing your past, keep on remembering it ^_^...

Keep on remembering the painful things that made you strong as you are today...

Keep on remembering the happy moments that made you feel so alive and thankful...

Keep on remembering the love that you missed so much and never felt....

And then I wake up each day, reminiscing my past, that reminded me that


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #5

~I will never be a memory~

Note: Credit goes to the owner of this picture..

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Stressful Days..

Wew.. Looks like it's been a long since I wrote my previous random rant from my life lols ^_^.
Well, I got nothing to do anyway, So I will just write something down here.. ^_^

Have you ever felt the feeling that  you are burned down even though you didn't done any work all day?.. That kind of feeling where in you just sat down staring at blank pages of the internet with nothing else around you. You have this uneasy feeling.

Some called it, being in a trance or way of meditation but I personally think it's something else. Coz when you wake up from it, you feel so tired. Wondering why time just passed by just like that. You did nothing yet you feel so tired...

Artist described that kind of feeling of being in a slump...
As a nurse, I described it as a feeling of being burned out..
But personally I think it's something else.. I don't know why but I really feel a lot burdens that I carry on my shoulders..

I think it's what you call "the burden of life"..
Just a thought I would like to share with you all..

Don't let yourself be pressured by certain things especially if it's just a small obstacle in your way, let it slide just for a little while because there are really unpredictable scenarios in life that you least expect that would really hit you hard in the head.

Just be natural.. Just be yourself ^_^..

Friday, November 4, 2011

Heartless -Night 4-

I see you again and again
It's like a never ending streams and waves of pictures of you in my mind
You were always there
Watching me as I passed by the scenery where we first met..
I always hear voices
But I know it is yours
Telling me to stay as I am
To love you as I can
To feel you always and always..

Your image in my memory..
Is always there..
In my dreams

The never ending dream of you and me
Together in an open space full of sparkling lights,
A star?..
A wish?...
Or just another dream?..

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Loveless: Betrayal

So many things left unsaid and done..
So many heartaches and problems yet unsolved
So many disguises and thoughts left hanging on the edge
All of these things, I carry on my shoulders..
But you run away from all of it..

I gave up my heart for you..
But you chose to trash it away like it was nothing...
I gave up my will just to see you smile..
Instead, you pushed me away like I was some dirt in your path
I told you everything that needs to be said..
But you sealed your heart for me not to enter..

What can I do?..
Instead to hope for the best and for the best to come..
My only wish is that..
I am not looking for false dreams
Because I will be devastated by betrayal of those I gave my everything..

I can only hope for an illusion of you by my side..

I can only wish for a delusion that we will be together..
But when I wake up from all of these..
I know what kind of pain will be waiting for me..

Betrayal is one thing..
But living a never ending emptiness is a lot worse than death..

Wordless Wednesday #3


Monday, October 31, 2011

End of The Month #4

This month has been a blast for me. First of all I would like to thank Google and the Adsense team for the payment they gave to me for this month. Thank you Google, this is a great help for me ^_^..

Secondly, I would like to thank everyone for your unlimited support for me and my blog. ^_^ I know my blog can't give you all the entertainment that you want, but everyday I'm trying my very best to keep my blog updated and for you readers to have a bit of fun here.. So once again, A big thank you to all of you.. :)

Moving on, time flies so fast these days, It's like, it's only been a few weeks since I became so engrossed into blogging, but as a matter of fact my blog is already 10 months old.. But I was so lazy that time and I have a lot of work going on in my college days, so I really don't have the luxury to keep on blogging. You will really notice the gap between my very 1st post, 2nd, 3rd and so on. I only became active on the month of July ^_^, so anyways, that's my story of being a blogger.

I'm am very excited on what is in store for me next month, since I will be training my profession as a nurse but hopefully I could update my blog once in a while, coz being a blogger is so much awesome in many ways :)..

My life isn't as perfect as everybody else but I know, I'm not the only one going though all these rough times, I think almost everyone of us is struggling to have a better life. To have a successful career, to have a family and kids, and to die with a smiling face ^_^. It's everyone's dream to be a successful individual. That is why, let's keep our spirits up and hope for the best to come.

Keep on blogging everyone ^_^.. Wish you all the best.. -Loveless

Happy Halloween to all...

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I see nothing in your eyes
Except sadness..
Tears driven from hatred
Eyes full of emptiness
I was shot by a broken arrow 
From somewhere
Hidden amidst 
The serene loneliness of my heart...
Sometimes I wish
That I could be someone else
Someone whom you can pour your heart open
Someone you wont be troubled again and again
But as I stare at you..
I sense a feeling..
A feeling yearning for someone special 
Yet so far..
A desire so strong 
That even denies the laws of nature
I don't know 
If you can still handle
My stupidity and my nonchalant behavior
But all I know
My heart doesn't waver
Only my mind does..
Will you still be willing to accept me?
As I am?
As the person you disgust?
As the guy who betrayed your love?
After all of this..
Will you still be willing?
To be by my side....


Time denies my everything 
But you don't
Nature banishes me 
But you, on the hand 
Let me through
Life accepts my death
But you revived me...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

Just another random pic I took at the rooftop of house... Sorry the quality is not that good, It's very inspiring to look at the beauty of the clouds right? ^_^. It makes me wonder how colorful life is just like the never ending change of the shape and color of the clouds..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coffee Manaic!

Just wanted to share this random pic to all of you..
Me and my girlfriend spends our free time drinking coffee and eating cookies but unfortunately the cookies are already gone by the time I took the picture haha...

It's nice to drink coffee during your free time, especially when you are chatting with your fellow friends, and love ones. It makes your coffee taste good :). These coffee had a picture of a snowman and the other was some kind of leaf maybe.. lols..

Coffee has been part of my life ever since the day I tasted it ^_^, Because it makes me feel alive and energize especially when I lack sleep and rest. I can't say I can live without coffee, hmmm I am not that addicted to it but I cannot say my day would be complete without a cup of coffee :).. A lot of researches has tested and proven that coffee has a lot of health benefits as long as you take it in moderation, 2-3 cups of coffee a day is enough..

That's why for all of you coffee drinkers out there, I salute you ^_^..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Loveless: Silence..

Doesn't always meant to answer you in a positive way, like okay, yes, I do, etc..
If it did answered your question, it's not completely what you think it is..
You will be surprised what it really meant, especially if the answer is void and twisted..

And the worst part of it all,
Hesitation takes control, that is why the person you asked for will remain silent rather than answering your questions..

In my opinion, if she tells you directly with words and not silence, then for sure she is sure about her feelings without a glimpse of hesitation and doubts. But for someone who is not sure and very hesitant what to say to you, silence is their best approach...

Another thing is that, it doesn't mean anything else..

If you are smart enough not to open the gate to paranoia... Surely you won't be fooled by silence..But if you are completely deceived, you will surely taste the pain you never felt before and you will find yourself trapped in a deep dark open well with nothing else around you..



Be very careful with someone who you really trust but never really tells you anything but lies and silence....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1

I've seen a lot of blogs who have a title wordless Wednesday, so I took the liberty of mimicking their ideas by posting pictures lol.. ^_^ so here are my set of random pictures..

^_^.. house of cards...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A maiden's tears

It was not my full intention to hurt you
Forget you
Confuse you
and most importantly
To give you false hope...

Why can't you understand that I love you so much
Words are not that strong to reach your heart
But neither action can..

It is up to you if you don't believe me
but believe me when I say...

You are the gift of my life
The root of my dreams
The source of my life
You give me peace and tranquility
You give me a reason to live through my life
You love me like no other can give...

I may not be perfect
I can never promise you a lifetime of happiness
But know this...

I am giving everything I can for you to feel 
The love that has been burning deep inside of me
Every second you are not here 
Is like a thousand years has passed by...

I want you by my side
If you want me as well..
I always love you and I always will
Even if you don't love me anymore..
I will always persevere...

My love for you is not that deep
But seriously 
My love for you is endless

Friday, October 14, 2011

Loveless: Failure

One word on my mind right now.... FAILURE!!!!... -_- wew....

For the past 21 years of my life, I know I've been through a lot of failures but there are times that makes you want to ask yourself..

"Are all these things worth it?"...

I know these failures can be corrected and you can choose whether or not you want stand up every time you fall down, but there are really times that every time you fall, it makes you vulnerable to defeat. Leaving you no traces of hope except the every inch of strength you have left. And right now, I have nothing except myself, because really, there is no one who can help you except yourself. The people around you can only help you by lending you their hands but it is always on you to stand up and fight again. Personal fights is the term I use for failures because of the fact that every failure you have is for your own self. Every wounds and scars you have represents the very soul and effort you have done to achieve what you want in your life..

Failures are given to us by life because there is no such thing as a flawless life. It is how life commend us..

To take a step for ourselves..
To move forward..
To fight what we want solely for our own purpose...
To make your life more interesting...
To experience an amazing feat of success

Just keep on standing every time you fall, eventually you will get used to it.

Unfortunately for me?.. I am not yet used to it since I have yet to face the greatest fight of my life. I know there are a lot of things that I still need to tackle on before I can completely say that I am a full fledged individual who knows the meaning of a true defeat.

So anyways, here I am sulking over the failure I recently have. Exams, Exams, Exams.. Why is it always have to be knowledge all the time?.. I know I am very bad at studying but I have skills that can pierce through walls if I am serious about it. But reality strikes back at me.. Oh well, I just got to make it better next time..

As I've said in my latter posts, I don't have anyone to share my problems with except for this blog... Life at its limits.. -_- The warrior that bleeds..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Loveless: Afterlife

I'm siting here all alone..... Thinking.....Wondering.......

How my life might end without even a glimpse of happiness around me, without even a spark of brightness in my eyes, without even a hope of love in my heart...

It's depressing to think that all I did was worthless, all my efforts are gone to waste..
To my family...
And my love..

All my achievements are gone..
If this was the life that had been given to me..
I would rather be a free spirit that watches the life of others than being alive without any target at all...

My only target is myself..
What would it be like to pull the trigger that will cost you a lifetime of regrets?..

But what regrets will that be if you are dead?...

You tend to end your purpose because of the fact that you have no purpose to begin with..
You changed your target to yourself because you don't have any target at all..
You gave yourself a reason to live because you have no reason at all..

What will it be like in the other side of the world?..
Will you find your happiness? or will you find regrets?...

Left in the middle of nothing except the serenity of darkness...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Endless Days...

I guess this is one of those days which I have nothing to do except stare at my computer and surf the internet. Time is very slow when you are not enjoying yourself but goes by pretty fast when you are having a blast, one of the ironies of life ^_^...

So anyway, here I am again with another random post because it's been a while since my last post. What do you do anyway in a boring day like this?, where time seems to be in control..
In my case, I usually play internet games, watch TV, and hang out with my friends but today is not just my day. I am bored with playing internet games because.. well, its too boring already! ^_^.. There's nothing good to watch on TV and my friends are doing things their own way which leave me nothing except my blog.. I'm very thankful to my friend who introduced me into the blogging world, because of that, I met all kinds of people here, I am earning a little for myself and here, I can express anything I don't normally express in reality.

That is why to my fellow bloggers out there, just keep on blogging yah!, We rock the world through our writings and posts ^_^.. We are cool and amazing in our own special ways. We are unique individuals in the blogging world and of course we are even more amazing as a person..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Demon Within...

In the depth of darkness of the human heart,I dwell
In the wilderness, I lurk into the shadows
I see nothing but pure hatred and despair  in everyone's eyes
I am myself, the true horror of life

"Heaven strike me"

In this empty heart of mine except the scent of blood
Traces of scars in my wounds
The fire burning my soul
The greed I quench in thirst for my desires
The wrath that's ripping me apart
The pride I was once so proud of..
Gone in eternal darkness

I was left alone in the corners of hell
The devil that grows within me
The rage that surrounds me
The brilliance of light above me disperse
The aura of hope gave up..

Death is not an option...

Monday, October 3, 2011

A new month... A new reflection to ponder...

I am still at loss of words on what I am going to post on my blog at the start of the month of October. I am what you call in the mode of slump I guess. I've been in a deep thought these past few days because of the fact that nothing really changes at the start of the new month, But then I realize that it is not that there was no change in life. It was because I didn't change anything..

That is why I am here writing all about a new change, a new look, a new adventure, but it is up to you if you like changes. If you are a type of person that easily adjust to changes, then you are very adventurous but if you are a type of person like myself who just wants to stick to the present without changing anything worthy, then it is likely that's because we are the kinds who really wants to tackle things from starting til the end..

Change is really important especially when you are trapped in a corner where you have nothing left except to change into someone better. The only thing that you should be concerned of is the outcome. Always be careful who you want to become in your life...

So, anyways, here's a quote I would like to share with all of you..


What's the difference if you change something?..
Will it benefit you? or will it destroy you?..

Will it turn you into someone better?.... or will it turn you into someone much worse?..

People tend to change themselves because of the unsatisfactory feelings of their own personal life, but little that they know that change can sometimes turn you into something indifferent from who you really are..

Maybe into someone you really detest or someone that you possibly regret into changing...

Will you still take the risk?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

End of The Month #3

This has been a very stressful month for me and my life. I don't have anyone to share my problems with except in this blog only. My parents keeps on pressuring and bugging me what to do in my career, even though they don't tell me anything, I can see it clearly in their eyes. My girlfriend and I always had misunderstanding on simple things but even the simple things could lead to a greater wrath in the end. I really don't know what my priority number in her life because I feel that I am less important to her right now. Oh well, I couldn't help it if she felt that way to me. I just hope that she still loves me. Ooohh Boy.. Problems just keep on rising on and on and on...

All I could do is to let it all out in this blog since I don' have anyone, my best friend is always busy but I know he is not, my friends are here and there on other places, also thinking what to do with their life, so I could not bother them that much..
I just hope that my random rantings will not affect the theme of my blog ^_^...lols

So anyways, even with all the downside, there are always what we call enlightenment which is very strong and very solid within us. I think it is some kind of like a trigger which will be opened once we run out of fuel and just want to run away from all our problems in our life. My enlightenment made me stronger but my trust to the people around me has been lessened. I know that only a selected persons can be close to your life but I didn't expect that the one closest to you could betray you. It's not that complicated of a problem actually but as I said, even the simple of the simplest could greatly affect your own self...

Life as we know is very unpredictable. We don't know when the fire within us will be gone. That is why we have to live life to the fullest without any regrets, but sadly, there will always be regrets.
There will always be thorns on our path, pain that we couldn't imagine, problems that we have yet to face. I just hope that I could survive all these problems that is being bombarded to me..

Just another random rant from me ^_^ - Loveless

And here's another picture to tackle on...

~My Ideal girl, I really hope she is real ^_^~

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Did it ever cross your mind the meaning of peace and happiness?
The serenity of life?..
The flowing of unlimited love?..

I guess life is all about finding yourself, your own happiness and to the people around you. All about creating multiple opportunities and challenges that you must face head on in order to get the desires that you ever wanted in life, without these elements, life as we know could be as simple as we think it is..

Tranquility is such a strong word for us to discover but easy to understand. I never dream of anything big in my life, just simple things, but I know that even the most simple things in life could be more complicated than you can ever imagine. That is why we have to strive harder to get the tranquility that we seek..

Life is really is finding about yourself but the more you realize about your true self, the more broader your life becomes, the unlimited choices and decisions we make could affect our way of living life to its fullest. The more you realize that what you've done in your life is still not enough, the more the reason why we desire for more..

Why can't anyone find peace in their heart.
They only found temporary peace but not eternal..

Hmmmmmm Just a thought to share...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

"My life was dead before I met you.."

"My life was dead before I met you.."

I was strolling near at the darkened sea of Saturday night
Waiting for something to answer what I seek
Waiting for something to appear before me

I know that something might happen right in front of me
But I was unsure..
I feel so afraid..
I feel so lonely..
And worst of all..
I feel so empty deep inside..

I glanced through the dark starry skies that night
And then I realized..
I was not alone that night..

I walked for a while in deep thoughts
Still staring blankly at the open sea..
As if searching for something that wasn't even there..
And as I walked further ahead..
I didn't even realize that 
The one I'm searching for is there..

I stopped and sat at the cold sands of the beach
And you were there
Lying on my shoulders..
You were there
Smiling at me..
You were there..
Looking at me straight in the eyes

You were there..

Just a second away from me..

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Princess of Light

~You are my light~

As I glance through the windows of my room to watch the outside world, I look upon the darkness of the sky to find the traces of the moon, but I found nothing. The moon is simply covered by dozens of clouds. 

There's not a glimpse of light..
Not a glimpse of hope through the darkness of the night..
Days... Months... Years has passed by, and still I haven't seen the brightness of the moon..

I waited..
Until the right moment that I've been waiting for has come to light

In the vast ambiance of the skies, I saw a lady clothed with silver glittering armor, hair dyed with a color of gold, eyes with a color of the sea, rushing towards me, riding a white mythical creature with white wings called a Pegasus.

She rides straight on the road of red roses towards the windows of my room. I am blinded by the radiance that she has when she stepped down and stands graciously before me and smiled that gave warmth all over my body. 

I am petrified by her beauty. I slowly walked towards her, took her hand and kissed her.

"You are indeed the princess of light"


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