Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wordless wednesday #6


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Just Saying #2

Why is it generation gap is really a big difference in terms of culture, tradition and the way people think nowadays?..

Example, kids from today's generation are more happy playing with their gadgets(laptops, computers, console games) rather than playing outside with children of the same age. It's like they are wasting their childhood moments, dreams and really, lack of exercises as a kid would really effect your health when you grow up into adulthood (trust me, it's really a nightmare). I really can't understand because of the fact that I grew up in a normal way and played the gadgets at the right time and right age wherein it won't invoke my daily life and activities.

Another good example would be people tend to use all their energy and attention at stupid things like an issue at the television that has no sense or nonsense at all. Why not instead focus their attention at important things like the status of our country, the problems of people and the goverment?. I know enetertainment nowadays are capturing the minds of young people but didn't they know that their country is on the verge of breaking down?.. Well just saying ^_^

Just another random post, no arguements, debates here. Just ranting random thoughts :) teeeheee

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Food is Life

 "Food is the blessing of nature" - From the famous anime character Toriko

Food!,  Food!,  Food!,  Food!,  Food!,  

hehe.. Why is it so hard to go on diet?, to resist eating?.. Well, food is life, if you deprive yourself by not eating because you are afraid to destroy your figure, good luck on that. But for me and my girl, we just eat and eat because well, food is life.. hehe

Me and my girlfriend always have this principle regarding food that "We must always finish the food that's on our table, dont leave a single grain of rice because, it is basically nature's blessing", and one of our dreams is to travel the world and try the different kinds of food, culture and taste of people in different countries but unfortunately, it is still a fleeting dream for the both of us -_-(sigh).

Well, as life goes, we have to struggle to get what we want and hardwork will always lead to a dream come true.

Someday, somehow, we will pave our way to a place full of blessings of nature hehe...


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