Saturday, July 20, 2013

Heartless ~Night 7~

How many months has it been since you last talked to me 
With all of your heart and sincerity
You despise me 
Yet you still held me 
as if it we are the only persons left in the whole world
So what now, I asked you..
But no words came out from you..

As we continued the night. .
Silence dug deeper in our memory
Sad feeling but the air is not suffocating between us
Rather, it seems like a blissful and warm feeling
I wondered why I feel this way

So once again
I tried to reach with you 
Only that, I did not use any words or gestures
I just simply looked you in the eyes 
And a flash of images suddenly appeared in my memory

I then came up with a realization

No words can weigh much more 
than a simple picture of you standing right in front of me
With all love and sincerity 
With nothing else except a simple look in your eyes...

Monday, July 15, 2013


"I see nothing but sparks in your eyes"

Everyday I thought of giving up for the ones I love
But deep inside of me
You were there
You wont even give me a chance of giving up my dreams
You were always there for me
 Even though I shunned you out of my life..

Still you gave me a reason not to loose hope 
You are my brilliance..
You are my shimmering light
My guide, My way towards a blissful life

I am weak without you
I can never be myself if it wasn't for you..
I see nothing but sparks in your eyes..
That never ending light shinning like a star
Gazing down upon me

As I look up..
I see nothing but you
Your Aura that transcends that of the gods 
 It's like you are my natural guardian angel
My peace, My hope and My love

May you always protect me..

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Maker of Souls

"I am Myself"

I am the ruler of my own world
The maker of my own destiny
The meaning of my own peace and justice
I carve my own way to eternal life
I decide what's right and what's not.. 

I am the ruler of my own world
I create my own life
The way I talk
The way I deal with others
The way I see the ugliness of the world
 I am my own

I am the ruler of my own world
I take what's righfully mine and disregard what's not
I feed my own self satisfaction through the tragedy of others beneath me
I make my own rules and principles
I am the blade of my soul

I am myself..


Monday, April 8, 2013

Give me Strength

I'm weak
Never been able to surpass my fate
So give me strength 
To overcome those obstacles around me
To challenge the highest possible wall 
That I may encounter
Give me strength
For I am weak without you by my side

Stand by me
Enlighten the darkness that sleeps inside of me
Help me break these chains that binds my heart
Give me strength 
For I am nothing but a boy trying to find its purpose
Light the fire that once fueled me towards greatness

You are my hope that gives me the power
To craft the broken pieces that was once my armor and shield
You are my strength

My life


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hearts Day..

         Valentines is just around the corner, some are happy celebrating the hearts day, but others are as bitter as well. Well, not all love is expected to be present on the occasion. As a matter of fact, others may view it as a bitter celebration especially the brokenhearted people. You can't really blame them if they see it that way.

         A lot of couple will be very much happy to spend time together this coming Valentines not because it is obligatory or anything like that, but we have to take in mind the true meaning of Valentines day. It is to strengthen and make the bond between couples much more stronger than they had right now. We have to realize that Valentines is not only a one day celebration, but it is a day to day between couples and partners in life.

I'm pretty sure a lot of you lovers out there are going to make great memories on Valentines.. ^_^ My only wish for you folks...

"Love your partner as you love yourself, make a wish together and record a lot of memories as you go along the road to a happy life."       

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Just Saying #1

The whole world is pointing out that the one who controls the entire process of being human is the individual itself, but in my opinion, it is the world whose the one controlling the way people want to live.

I realize that the world would be a better place if the leaders of each country would prioritize its people rather than their own desires and needs. I don't have the right to complain or anything but I just thought how nice it would be if everything would just be in a proper and well thought process to avoid complicated conflicts that would ruin your life forever..

Just saying ^_^.. no arguments whatsoever here.. just plain random thinking..

Saturday, January 26, 2013


The thought of being so worthless
At the time you are being needed
But you can't help but think that everything else is gone..
Then you are being left to ponder on a thought in the corner of your mind


If you could stand up once again to the challenges being given to you..
Chances are equal
It only depends on how you use those chances as weapons for battle
A battle you can either lose or win..

Only the strongest will survive..
An epic everlasting battle inside of you
Haunting you to the very last bone of your body
Trying and always be trying to get over the problems of life

Time will surely become an obstacle that you can never win


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