Friday, February 28, 2014

A note, a pen and internet

As the days passed by, I am still here waiting for something to happen in my life, something huge that will make my heart jump out to the skies, but it seems that kind of something will not come as long as I stay still.

This is my life, work hard, keep on moving forward and never loose hope even though things are not the way I expected them to be . Well , this is me, desperate always looking for a solution to every wall that I have to break in front of me. I really dont have any other options or a way out except to accept the reality.

Sometimes, I asked myself, "what is that certain something that drives people's minds into keep on reaching that something that is not even there or so impossible to get?".. Well, I'm one of those people, call us dreamers, wanderers, sometimes my lack of open mindedness is my greatest weakness because I can't understand simple things yet I tend to rationalize so hard that makes the simpler things more complicated.

Life somehow surprised me yet from the bottom of my heart, I am thankful because experiences can only be learned through risky scenarios in life, that some kind of down the earth events that makes you think, "Am I really alive?", or "Am I just a floating organism observing things"

Questions keep on popping out of my head, (poink , poink, poink)

Loveless: Prayer


I am here before you
Asking for your guidance and light
Begging for your mercy and forgiveness
Shield me from evil and darkness
Enforce my armor with your blessings

With my will, might and my whole spirit 
I offer you myself 
Give me strength..

Given all the possibilities and decisions in life
You were always there for me
It is only fair that I must offer myself to you
For all the gifts
The unlimited blessings
The never ending guidance, protection and the strength
That you have given me til the end of my life

I can offer you nothing except my faith, love and my whole life..
 I ask for more
For I am a selfish being
I commit more mistakes
But you always have in your heart to forgive me
For you are merciful and forgiving
You always have it in you to prioritize others rather than yourself
 You accept them wholeheartedly
Even if you know what they are and who they are
You are still willing to bring them in your home

Your are the only one
I will believe in, pray, trust and respect
For you,
I will gladly offer you my life..

"You are the only one"


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