Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Missing my lover

Missing my lover 
Every moment I spend, 
A day without her by my side is like a having a leech that slowly sips away the blood from my veins
As I turn side to side...
Wandering everywhere to places we used to hang out with
But still I couldn't find her anywhere 
No matter how hard I try to reach out for her in the light
Calling her name as tears reflecting the bitterness of the skies above my never ending sorrows

Time is indeed cruel..
I can only wait and wait for the right moment 
Until the last breathe I could muster
Til the last ounce of strength I have 
And I could finally say to her 
How much I missed her

Her smile...
Her laugh...
Her tears of joy...
Her touch....
Her warmth...
Her happiness....
Her forever image that won't burn out in my mind 
The only one that could bring out the best of me
She alone can bring a thousand tears from my living self of total happiness

I miss her so much..My lover...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Hopeless, Euphoria, Loveless

Credits to the owner of the picture: chrno(minitokyo.net)

Love like no other can give
Hoping like there is no tomorrow
Feeling happy all the time
Touching the heavens with your bare hands
Giving it all to the other
Leaving nothing for yourself at all

Looking forward for a brighter future
Hoping that everything will go as planned
Not only for yourself 
But for the both of you
All ends as a happy ending
A fairy tale
A romance like no other

But reality bites you a hundredfold 
Piercing your heart with a thousand lances 
Grasping your heart
Holding it like a crumpled paper
With no escaping the pain
 Embracing it
Regretting every decisions that you made
A shock of vengeance flowing down your spine
Crying with tears filled with darkness

You can't speak your heart anymore
But words begins flowing out 
Losing your mind out 
Giving up hope and all other forms of euphoria
And you begin to think that
The ray of light has left you completely
 You wanted to stand up
But the pain keeps on holding you down



Wednesday, May 20, 2015


As my body falls down the ground
I still feel indestructible on the inside
Unlimited Energy coursing through my veins
The feeling of being undefeated

But most of the time 

I may crawl
Unsure if I can reach you
To defeat you
Always losing my way around you
I may fall down again and again
I might not fight anymore
 But I will always come back 
Stronger than I can ever be
Striving to be the one
The one person I can be
To give my very best i everything I do
In anyway I can
Finding the best solution
The greatness within
The untouched potential that even I am unaware of

So just you wait and see
Because no matter how hard you try to escape
I will always come to you
To challenge you
To conquer every hurdle

I will always believe
In a fight called life

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Back after a long journey

Hey guys It's good to be back blogging again after so many years of leaving my blog "Loveless". It's been a heck of a journey I've experienced in my life. Now Here I am, taking another step in my life and if I may say, It's going to be an adventurous, amazing soon to be a big leap in my life..

So let's get it on :3..

Picture owned by : doooody from minitokyo.net

This is not Goodbye..

Many years had passed by
Since the last time I saw your sweet and heartwarming smile
I gave up everything just to see it one last time
I've lost everything, even my dreams
Now here I am again
Missing you as every second of my time runs out
It's like I'm standing alone
Calling out for you
Wandering why you are not responding to anything I've been saying

I don't know anymore...
It's like I don't have a place in your heart
I asked myself

"Is this goodbye?"

Then suddenly tears run down my face
Tears that are unknown even to myself

You are there
Staring at me with coldness in your eyes
It's striking me with questions

"Are you giving up on me?."
"On us?"
"On everything we dreamed for?"

Then all of the sudden
A certain feeling tingling all over my body
Holding my tears back to where it came from
Slowly turning back time 
To where and when we had fall to each others arms

Slowly pacing back in time...

Where we don't even know how to fall in love
 Turning Back little by little..

Until such time 
I was standing under a moonlight

I saw you...

I smiled..

This is not Goodbye...



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