Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of the Month # 2

Another month has ended with a lot of mysteries about life yet unsolved, questions left unanswered and more problems that has yet to come. Although I can say that this can be considered as a fruitful month because of the fact that I've experienced a lot of things I never learned before, I've discovered a lot of new things that made me realize that there is more to life than simply being alive. :)

About my career, my career as a nurse has just started yet I feel a lot of pressure and stress. I don't know why I hate my career but I guess I don't have any other choices left but to face it strong and come back harder and a lot wiser than I was before.

"I know this is the career that life gave to me"
These are the words I always thought about every single morning I wake up to start my day...

About my relationship,

Well, my love story is pretty deep and very mysterious to begin with.. But all I can say about her, is that I love my girlfriend. I never had any regrets letting her inside =).
The road to love is very rough and a lot of sacrifices had to be made but I know she is worth it.. ^_^

About life...

Hmmmm maybe I can say now that life isn't easy as I thought it was. Money is the overall problem of almost all the people nowadays but if you try to think clear and rational as hard as you can. You will probably say to yourself that money is not a problem. It's yourself.. It's always on yourself because of the fact that every decision that you make changes your life and everybody else around you. Every step that you make changes every direction and paths that you will mostly head on towards a new goal.... Life is indeed mysterious, that is why you have to make use of your time wisely ^_^

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Loveless: Reasons

I lost all the right reasons to smile..
I fought for all the wrong reasons for my own selfishness..
I sacrificed everything just to remain beside you..
But you gave me a reason that left me no other choice
But to give you up...

And so I ask myself...
"What reason do I live for when my only reason is you?"

I wonder why I became like this..
To be someone whom I hated the most..
Someone who doesn't have a reason to live...

You are the only one who gave me a reason to live...
You are also the one who gave me a reason to die...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forms of Avoidance...

First Form....
You ignore the topic just because you don't like to talk about it nor even try to tackle it...

Second Form...
Changing the subject and disregarding its importance..

Third Form..
Silence, because you do not know what to say about it or you just don't want say anything about it at all..

Fourth Form...
Suppression or you just want to run away from everything  when in fact, the topic is right in front of you..

Fifth Form..
You turn away and talk nonsense with your friends even though the matter is very important to you..

Sixth Form:
You lie, simply because you are afraid of admitting your mistakes and true intentions..

Seventh Form..
Feign appearance, you try to fight and put up a foolish act of love because you don't want anyone to find out what are the things you are keeping inside..

Eight Form..
Indirect words.. Instead of telling the things you want to say to the right person, you are indirectly or unconsciously saying things to everybody else which in turn, hurts the person beside you..

Ninth Form..
Discovering new.. You thought you knew the person right in front of you but when you discovered something new about that person, you tend to misinterpret his/her actions and words..

Last and Final Form..
Appraisal of sadness and the abandoned (ASA)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Loveless: Origin {Revised}

Once there was a man,
Who was very much in love with a certain maiden, 
Hopelessly drunk of love...

He found himself in a deep state of trance,
He gave up everything, never hesitant to gave his all..
He tried to be perfect to the one he hopes to be with..
He rewind his history just to be worthy to the one he wants for eternity..

But in the end..
He was devastated by his own weakness..

He was betrayed by his own foolish self..
Never been loved.. Just a fool hoping for nothing..
His ultimate sacrifice was wasted..
Never been able to taste what true love really is..

The fire that was once so immense that it filled his burning soul became an iced cold heart, never to be opened again...

He shut his heart from the world..
He closed his mind from everything else..
He made people think that he has no emotions left and doesn't care an inch of the outside world..
He chose to be isolated, with nothing nothing else around him except eminent darkness..

Never to be heard again...

Friday, August 12, 2011


Note: This video is not mine, credit goes to the owner of this vid..

Monday, August 8, 2011

Fairy Tale~

I may not be the frog prince that you wanted to have in your life...
But with every breathe that I take in within me...
With every hour, minute, seconds I think about you...
Is like heaven granted me a challenge that I should deal with...

To be the only prince you ever wanted to have forever..
But hard as it is,, I can only be myself for you..
I can't be the prince that you ever wanted  coz I'm a completely different person than u think I am..

I may not be worthy for you...
I can't assure you anything...
I can't promise you everything..
I can only be a prince that I can be..

My star will always be with you..
My color will stay the same for you..
My light will always shine upon you wherever you are...
My thread of fate will always be connected to yours and will never be broken...

This is my fairy tale...

Are you willing to be a part of it?

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Life is like poker...

Sometimes you have the best hands possible to play...
and sometimes you have the worst card to throw away...

But one thing you can get from loosing those cards...

Is the courage to bet everything at the next game..
and to challenge life into a more exciting game..

Just like in reality..

Even if you win and have all the desires that you ever wanted..
It's not enough...

You become so empty that you don't even know what comes next in your story and chapters..

So it's better to loose if you know that you can get back the things you lost sight in the 1st place and try even more harder not to loose those things again..

Rather than becoming an empty shell..

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

*Loveless: Devil Within

            You let yourself driven by hatred and you come across the line where you are given the chance to have eternal happiness but a lifetime of regrets.

Would you choose that kind of choice?..

The conscience deep inside of you is trembling in fear, fear that is very unknown to you..
Fear that can destroy the whole essence of life..

Fighting your demons doesn't really mean you have to destroy them completely with all your might..
Sometimes it's better to keep some for your own good.. ^_^


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