Monday, October 31, 2011

End of The Month #4

This month has been a blast for me. First of all I would like to thank Google and the Adsense team for the payment they gave to me for this month. Thank you Google, this is a great help for me ^_^..

Secondly, I would like to thank everyone for your unlimited support for me and my blog. ^_^ I know my blog can't give you all the entertainment that you want, but everyday I'm trying my very best to keep my blog updated and for you readers to have a bit of fun here.. So once again, A big thank you to all of you.. :)

Moving on, time flies so fast these days, It's like, it's only been a few weeks since I became so engrossed into blogging, but as a matter of fact my blog is already 10 months old.. But I was so lazy that time and I have a lot of work going on in my college days, so I really don't have the luxury to keep on blogging. You will really notice the gap between my very 1st post, 2nd, 3rd and so on. I only became active on the month of July ^_^, so anyways, that's my story of being a blogger.

I'm am very excited on what is in store for me next month, since I will be training my profession as a nurse but hopefully I could update my blog once in a while, coz being a blogger is so much awesome in many ways :)..

My life isn't as perfect as everybody else but I know, I'm not the only one going though all these rough times, I think almost everyone of us is struggling to have a better life. To have a successful career, to have a family and kids, and to die with a smiling face ^_^. It's everyone's dream to be a successful individual. That is why, let's keep our spirits up and hope for the best to come.

Keep on blogging everyone ^_^.. Wish you all the best.. -Loveless

Happy Halloween to all...

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I see nothing in your eyes
Except sadness..
Tears driven from hatred
Eyes full of emptiness
I was shot by a broken arrow 
From somewhere
Hidden amidst 
The serene loneliness of my heart...
Sometimes I wish
That I could be someone else
Someone whom you can pour your heart open
Someone you wont be troubled again and again
But as I stare at you..
I sense a feeling..
A feeling yearning for someone special 
Yet so far..
A desire so strong 
That even denies the laws of nature
I don't know 
If you can still handle
My stupidity and my nonchalant behavior
But all I know
My heart doesn't waver
Only my mind does..
Will you still be willing to accept me?
As I am?
As the person you disgust?
As the guy who betrayed your love?
After all of this..
Will you still be willing?
To be by my side....


Time denies my everything 
But you don't
Nature banishes me 
But you, on the hand 
Let me through
Life accepts my death
But you revived me...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #2

Just another random pic I took at the rooftop of house... Sorry the quality is not that good, It's very inspiring to look at the beauty of the clouds right? ^_^. It makes me wonder how colorful life is just like the never ending change of the shape and color of the clouds..

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Coffee Manaic!

Just wanted to share this random pic to all of you..
Me and my girlfriend spends our free time drinking coffee and eating cookies but unfortunately the cookies are already gone by the time I took the picture haha...

It's nice to drink coffee during your free time, especially when you are chatting with your fellow friends, and love ones. It makes your coffee taste good :). These coffee had a picture of a snowman and the other was some kind of leaf maybe.. lols..

Coffee has been part of my life ever since the day I tasted it ^_^, Because it makes me feel alive and energize especially when I lack sleep and rest. I can't say I can live without coffee, hmmm I am not that addicted to it but I cannot say my day would be complete without a cup of coffee :).. A lot of researches has tested and proven that coffee has a lot of health benefits as long as you take it in moderation, 2-3 cups of coffee a day is enough..

That's why for all of you coffee drinkers out there, I salute you ^_^..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Loveless: Silence..

Doesn't always meant to answer you in a positive way, like okay, yes, I do, etc..
If it did answered your question, it's not completely what you think it is..
You will be surprised what it really meant, especially if the answer is void and twisted..

And the worst part of it all,
Hesitation takes control, that is why the person you asked for will remain silent rather than answering your questions..

In my opinion, if she tells you directly with words and not silence, then for sure she is sure about her feelings without a glimpse of hesitation and doubts. But for someone who is not sure and very hesitant what to say to you, silence is their best approach...

Another thing is that, it doesn't mean anything else..

If you are smart enough not to open the gate to paranoia... Surely you won't be fooled by silence..But if you are completely deceived, you will surely taste the pain you never felt before and you will find yourself trapped in a deep dark open well with nothing else around you..



Be very careful with someone who you really trust but never really tells you anything but lies and silence....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1

I've seen a lot of blogs who have a title wordless Wednesday, so I took the liberty of mimicking their ideas by posting pictures lol.. ^_^ so here are my set of random pictures..

^_^.. house of cards...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A maiden's tears

It was not my full intention to hurt you
Forget you
Confuse you
and most importantly
To give you false hope...

Why can't you understand that I love you so much
Words are not that strong to reach your heart
But neither action can..

It is up to you if you don't believe me
but believe me when I say...

You are the gift of my life
The root of my dreams
The source of my life
You give me peace and tranquility
You give me a reason to live through my life
You love me like no other can give...

I may not be perfect
I can never promise you a lifetime of happiness
But know this...

I am giving everything I can for you to feel 
The love that has been burning deep inside of me
Every second you are not here 
Is like a thousand years has passed by...

I want you by my side
If you want me as well..
I always love you and I always will
Even if you don't love me anymore..
I will always persevere...

My love for you is not that deep
But seriously 
My love for you is endless

Friday, October 14, 2011

Loveless: Failure

One word on my mind right now.... FAILURE!!!!... -_- wew....

For the past 21 years of my life, I know I've been through a lot of failures but there are times that makes you want to ask yourself..

"Are all these things worth it?"...

I know these failures can be corrected and you can choose whether or not you want stand up every time you fall down, but there are really times that every time you fall, it makes you vulnerable to defeat. Leaving you no traces of hope except the every inch of strength you have left. And right now, I have nothing except myself, because really, there is no one who can help you except yourself. The people around you can only help you by lending you their hands but it is always on you to stand up and fight again. Personal fights is the term I use for failures because of the fact that every failure you have is for your own self. Every wounds and scars you have represents the very soul and effort you have done to achieve what you want in your life..

Failures are given to us by life because there is no such thing as a flawless life. It is how life commend us..

To take a step for ourselves..
To move forward..
To fight what we want solely for our own purpose...
To make your life more interesting...
To experience an amazing feat of success

Just keep on standing every time you fall, eventually you will get used to it.

Unfortunately for me?.. I am not yet used to it since I have yet to face the greatest fight of my life. I know there are a lot of things that I still need to tackle on before I can completely say that I am a full fledged individual who knows the meaning of a true defeat.

So anyways, here I am sulking over the failure I recently have. Exams, Exams, Exams.. Why is it always have to be knowledge all the time?.. I know I am very bad at studying but I have skills that can pierce through walls if I am serious about it. But reality strikes back at me.. Oh well, I just got to make it better next time..

As I've said in my latter posts, I don't have anyone to share my problems with except for this blog... Life at its limits.. -_- The warrior that bleeds..

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Loveless: Afterlife

I'm siting here all alone..... Thinking.....Wondering.......

How my life might end without even a glimpse of happiness around me, without even a spark of brightness in my eyes, without even a hope of love in my heart...

It's depressing to think that all I did was worthless, all my efforts are gone to waste..
To my family...
And my love..

All my achievements are gone..
If this was the life that had been given to me..
I would rather be a free spirit that watches the life of others than being alive without any target at all...

My only target is myself..
What would it be like to pull the trigger that will cost you a lifetime of regrets?..

But what regrets will that be if you are dead?...

You tend to end your purpose because of the fact that you have no purpose to begin with..
You changed your target to yourself because you don't have any target at all..
You gave yourself a reason to live because you have no reason at all..

What will it be like in the other side of the world?..
Will you find your happiness? or will you find regrets?...

Left in the middle of nothing except the serenity of darkness...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Endless Days...

I guess this is one of those days which I have nothing to do except stare at my computer and surf the internet. Time is very slow when you are not enjoying yourself but goes by pretty fast when you are having a blast, one of the ironies of life ^_^...

So anyway, here I am again with another random post because it's been a while since my last post. What do you do anyway in a boring day like this?, where time seems to be in control..
In my case, I usually play internet games, watch TV, and hang out with my friends but today is not just my day. I am bored with playing internet games because.. well, its too boring already! ^_^.. There's nothing good to watch on TV and my friends are doing things their own way which leave me nothing except my blog.. I'm very thankful to my friend who introduced me into the blogging world, because of that, I met all kinds of people here, I am earning a little for myself and here, I can express anything I don't normally express in reality.

That is why to my fellow bloggers out there, just keep on blogging yah!, We rock the world through our writings and posts ^_^.. We are cool and amazing in our own special ways. We are unique individuals in the blogging world and of course we are even more amazing as a person..

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Demon Within...

In the depth of darkness of the human heart,I dwell
In the wilderness, I lurk into the shadows
I see nothing but pure hatred and despair  in everyone's eyes
I am myself, the true horror of life

"Heaven strike me"

In this empty heart of mine except the scent of blood
Traces of scars in my wounds
The fire burning my soul
The greed I quench in thirst for my desires
The wrath that's ripping me apart
The pride I was once so proud of..
Gone in eternal darkness

I was left alone in the corners of hell
The devil that grows within me
The rage that surrounds me
The brilliance of light above me disperse
The aura of hope gave up..

Death is not an option...

Monday, October 3, 2011

A new month... A new reflection to ponder...

I am still at loss of words on what I am going to post on my blog at the start of the month of October. I am what you call in the mode of slump I guess. I've been in a deep thought these past few days because of the fact that nothing really changes at the start of the new month, But then I realize that it is not that there was no change in life. It was because I didn't change anything..

That is why I am here writing all about a new change, a new look, a new adventure, but it is up to you if you like changes. If you are a type of person that easily adjust to changes, then you are very adventurous but if you are a type of person like myself who just wants to stick to the present without changing anything worthy, then it is likely that's because we are the kinds who really wants to tackle things from starting til the end..

Change is really important especially when you are trapped in a corner where you have nothing left except to change into someone better. The only thing that you should be concerned of is the outcome. Always be careful who you want to become in your life...

So, anyways, here's a quote I would like to share with all of you..


What's the difference if you change something?..
Will it benefit you? or will it destroy you?..

Will it turn you into someone better?.... or will it turn you into someone much worse?..

People tend to change themselves because of the unsatisfactory feelings of their own personal life, but little that they know that change can sometimes turn you into something indifferent from who you really are..

Maybe into someone you really detest or someone that you possibly regret into changing...

Will you still take the risk?


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