Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Behind every shadow there is something to expect
Beyond the limits and corners of hesitation deep within
And buried into the soul of a reckless heart
Lies a even greater spirit that can only be achieve by a fighter

Strength, power and honor are the words of wisdom to the eyes of a believer
To the eyes of the heart

"Believe in the eyes of the heart, for it will carve a way to the answer you seek"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heartless Night 6

As I dream of you tonight
Believing that you still love me for the way I am
As I glance through the window of the night
I see you crying
Tears falling like raindrops down to your pale lips
And it pains me to think that I am the one who hurt you
I can never forgive myself for the sufferings that I gave to you
 That's why I ask of you tonight
Spread my hands to reach you

Ask you..

"Do you still believe in dreams and fairy tales?"

But you never spoke a word nor answered my question

You smiled at me..
Looked at me directly in the eyes

And I told myself..

"You are undoubtedly a maiden full of surprises"

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Go Lucky..

Isn't it nice just to sit around all day doing nothing?. ^_^..
Isn't it nice not to worry anything else except what kind of food are you going to eat next?.. lol..
Life is always busy and will always be..
So take time to relax and reflect because it will help you find the answer you seek..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Armor of the heart..

Shield my heart from all this pains sufferings, hatred, deceptions
Engrave a steadfast armor to protect my fragility
Lead me to a gate of eternal happiness
free me from all the darkness of this world

The heart is nothing more than a piece from a missing puzzle
waiting for a light to come to complete me,
to break these chains that entangled me,
isolated me from all the light of this world

The heart of a man is nothing without his armor
 That is why, it will continue to wither and decompose 
til nothing is left but an empty shell...

It will continue to struggle and fight it's hardest 
just to see through all this challenges in life
It will continue to fight til the end of time

Until someone will come to take away its nakedness
Clothe it with an armor forged with a hope that will last forever
An armor as thick as a dragon's scales
Hard as any metal
An aura as graceful and elegant than the god of war

The heart of a man will never be complete til that someone comes..

Saturday, June 2, 2012

End of the month # 9

Wew looks like I missed a lot of "end of the month" issues here.
Well, what can I say?.. Life's been busy for me, from making a lot mistakes to learning from all of it is just too much to swallow. ^_^, but one things for sure..

Its fun to learn from all of these right?.. that's what life is all about..
Learning and experiencing a lot of things even though some of those are very hard to take in. All you need to know is that, life is all about having some fun no matter how difficult things could get ^_^..

Great thing about these experiences is that, they come in small and big packages haha... Especially at your workplace where in you will be meeting a lot of people, from strangers to friends and from certain people to annoying ones that's for sure :).. I really wanted to emphasize these people because they are also considered as a factor that will be affecting your life and how your life's experiences would turn out to be something else.. hmmmmm I would like to call them as "Influences for life's improvement"..

Oh well.. Just another rant from me I think ^_^..

Note: This article is intended for the month of May :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Heartless -=Night 5=-

As I see you in my dreams, always paving a way to reach a certain place..
You are there, trying to tell me a message..
A simple yet complicated kind of message..
I wonder why..

But you always remind me of shooting stars..
Appearing so gallantly, and disappears without a trace...
Like a sound of music trying to whisper through my heart

I ask myself..
"How many nights has it been since you told me you want me by your side?"..
"How many nights has it been since I last saw you hold my hand?"..

I reach to a certain point in my life that I kept on looking for the emptiness that I desire..

Will you be willing to wait for me?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I'm Poof!!!

Wew... 2 words.... I'm Poof!!!!...

Life for me is not easy as I thought it would be. Especially being a nurse. Okay this is another random rant from my personal life, So excuse my rantings here ^_^.. I'm sure everyone wants to talk a thing or two about their life on their blogs. hehe..

So anyways, Nurses here in our country is pretty sure rampant and very twisted because of the fact that we nurses have to graduate from a devastating 4 year college degree and after that we have to pass the gates of hell called the board exam. And no, our sacrifice doesn't stop there. Actually we have to earn experience as nurses in training (NO SALARY!!) before we can earn the title as staff nurses and guess what?.. Being a nurse in training is pretty tiresome because of the fact that we are giving our very best to pave our way of being a staff nurse but crazy as it seems. We are required to have so many trainings, attend a lot of seminar that exhaust us and by the minute we receive what we want, we are already what? 40 year old?. Lol Lol..

Oh well, the famous line we nurses always recite... "Love is service".. Lol.. I should really stop here hehehe.. well I just wanted to share it to every one especially to my fellow nurses out there who are experiencing the same situation as I am..

Good thing I have blog here, so I can really express what I can't in the real world.. ^_^..

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Loveless by Rekazan

I just wanted to share this picture made by my best friend for me and my website entitled Loveless... ^_^

You can find some of his works here

Try to read the inscription on the picture.. I'm sure you will really love it. You will really feel his sense of passion towards the people he loved and towards the person he will always remember as his special someone ^_^..

Monday, April 23, 2012

Loveless: It's all about her...

Loveless: It's all about her...: She said to me that  She waited for a very long time for me to arrive But she doesn't know That I am there just behind her Silently gazing a...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's all about her...

She said to me that 
She waited for a very long time for me to arrive
But she doesn't know
That I am there just behind her
Silently gazing at her..

She tells me everyday that she loves me..
But I tell her every hour of her infinite and pure beauty
She completes me in every small things..

She gave me a letter,
Inside of it tells our stories together
But she is clueless about a certain memory
That she doesn't remember
Because in fact,
Every time when she falls asleep 
I was there making a story of how she dreams..

I told her she is the only one..
But she told me in return..
That she doesn't believe in fairy tales..
So I told her that..

We are not living in a fairy tale.. 
We are living by our individual chapters of our life..
And the chapter that I am reading today
Is all about you..

She gave me a sudden smile on her face
Almost as if I'm looking at a mirror 
Because I'm smiling back at her

In that moment
It's almost like we are the only ones left.
But I was wrong..
She is the only one left in my mind..

In the end.. 
It was never about me from the start..

It's all about her...

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Joker..

Jokes are not meant to hurt but to deliver laughs and smiles in our faces..
But sometimes, it seems to have a different effect to others and to the people around us. I don't even know why they tend to misinterpret jokes that aren't that intentional or anything.

Jokes are meant to hide your true self, forms and the shape of your personality.. But as much as u try to hide your own thoughts, it will be ten times harder to accept reality itself when time the comes for you. You were wrong to think that you could hide yourself forever in eternal bliss and fake happiness..

That is why you have to be yourself when you try to joke the people around you...

There are really certain persons in your life who could see through your disguise even if you really are a joker, who could see the emptiness and burdens that you tend to keep inside..

And you can only hope that they won't be affected by your own problems because as far as you can persevere through life. There is no one else you could rely on except yourself in the end..

Jokes are really nothing but words, but if you try to deepen your insight.. You would see it differently than others would..

Reality itself is speaking in your mind..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wordless Wednesday # 10

Life is Limitless...


Wednesday, March 21, 2012


In every direction there is always light..

You just got to find the effort to make through every path of your life..

Greatness is within each and every one of us..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Shivering Skies..

I ran away from every little things..
I lost sight of what is important to me..
I gave every inch of hope that is used to be my strength..
I ran away from life..
I ran away from love..
And most of all..
I ran away from all the rotten things life has gave to me..

But I never lost anything..
The irony of life stunned me.. Almost as if I was just a ghost from the very start..
Something that has been predicted before there is even an beginning..

I only wished for my existence to be felt..
But it never occurred to anyone else...
The only trace left was the scent of blue roses burning, left to wither, never to be touched again..

The feeling of being important to the person you want is too much to ask, that is why there's nothing left at the end of the road except the word... Detour...
It's like you've reached the end of your goal.. Never seeking what is beyond it.
Feeling contented and satisfied of everything..
Deserving what is right for you.. Deserving what is best for the both of you.. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quietly poetic...

Quietly I sat between the princess and the poor man..
Listening to every conflicts that seems to arise between them..
I gave in..
Hopelessly trying to be a bridge between the two worlds apart
Even if it's just only a moment that they would meet
I know..
The sparks that was once gone will turn back on again.
If only love is fair for both parties..
Cruel as it seems, 
That is the reality that they should face

Royalty versus true love is never an issue 
Cuz if you truly know the person that you want
Nothing can stand between the two of you

So here I am standing near you
Whispering through your ears
That somehow... Someday..
You will also whisper to my ears..

"I miss your voice"...

So I did.. Quietly but full of sincerity

Friday, March 2, 2012


"Life Is Truly Endless"

But live life to its fullest each and everyday 
Because you will never know when life would truly end for you...

Let's all welcome the month of MAY!!  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

~Gift From My Love~

One look in your eyes is all I need
One strand of your hair is all that's needed
And a thousands of unexplained phenomenon 
That's been bugging me 
Every time our paths intertwined...

A key to mend your broken..
A key to open the chambers of your heart

A pendant of everlasting Love...

I got to say that I'm very lucky to receive such gifts from my love. This picture was taken last Feb 14, during valentines day, But I didn't have the luxury to entry it in my blog :P.. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I feel so disoriented right now. I didn't even realize that we're already on the month of love.. :)... Hmmm Time really flies so fast when you are enjoying yourself ^_^...

So how's everyone doing right now?.. What are your plans on Valentines day?.. Or do you even have a date on Valentines?.. haha.. People nowadays are crazy over heels on having a date during the season of love... Is it wrong to spend Valentines alone?.. or with family? or with friends? because really, it's just a matter of how you are going to spend the occasion, not on finding a date or anything like that. Cupid will find the way for you, that's for sure.

Love will find you, so don't try to force love, just be patient about it coz you will be surprised what will be in store for you in the future.. hehe just a little random advice from me (loveless) lol...

I shouldn't be giving you advices when the name of my blog is loveless right?.. haha.. well anyways, I hope you all know the true meaning of my blog and meaning behind loveless because it's not about the literal meaning but the truth behind every love stories and chapters of our lives ^_^...

I wish you all the love you will need this month of love...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End of the month # 8

Once again it's the end of the month special (^_^) and I am still loss at words here because there aren't a lot of things that occurred lately in my life that is worth sharing to you all. This month is almost as empty as it seems it would be for me, hmmmm.... Maybe because of the fact that I've been training to expand my career without any pay. Yes, I am working without any salary at all and I am very frustrated because my profession is not that promising as I thought it would be, but there is nothing I can do about it, except to just accept things as it is. Yet, another random rant from me :)..

I really would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their visits and support for my blog. I am very sorry for those blogs that I haven't visited because of the fact that I am not that active in my blog nowadays. I can only stay for one to two hours at max. But I will do my best to visit you all back everyday. I really hope that you will all continue to support this random personal blog that I created ^_^..

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Monthsary...


^_^ to me and my baby ^_^

I don't know if this is by custom or tradition or just plain preferences from each individual, but me and my girlfriend are always celebrating the day she answered to my confession. Currently we are 13 months and I hope that we are still going strong all the way up to the end..

I just wanted to share to you all about how love can really hurt you, trample everything you've been working and sacrificing for.. It will almost diminish each and every single thing that you hold dear in your life. But one things for sure, everything that had been lost to you will be eventually returned to you ten to hundred times fold.

Just like the saying, "no pain, no gain"..

But in love, there is everything, every single experience and scenarios that you will encounter will serve as your shield towards a greater challenge, that is why perseverance, trust and faith are very important... ^_^

Friday, January 20, 2012


I've long known my defeat 
The moment I gaze upon your cold eyes
I tried to touch you 
To feel what it's like to be driven by my own fear of defeat
But you seem so far yet so close..

I tried to pierce through your fragile glass armor 
But the reach of my spear is limited
You are far from my reach
But my defeat was soon foretold 

You reach out to me..
Easily broke the layers of my dragon scale armor
Just by the touch of your soft tender hands
My defeat was certain..

You are there.. 
Still staring at me with your cold eyes
Never wavering presence
Aura that emits instant death
You killed me..

You killed the demon within me
You saved me from my darkness
You gave me peace and hope 
In this never ending despair and misery

You gave me defeat 
To see the true light that's been taken away from me

I've known my defeat..
Since the day you try to hold on to me..

My light...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Other Side of me...

I know almost every person in this world has two or more personalities that is always hidden deep inside of them. I know I have, maybe because we tend to use them only in times when we needed them or even in times of desperation.. I have a nasty personality that I always keep within me, nasty yet vigilant because of the fact that I only use it when I am protecting someone or myself..

I've been through a lot things, met different kind of people and I will surely assure you, one or two personalities can't help you live through this life without any consequences. You have to be adaptable to your environment especially in your workplace and in your home.

Why is it I'm sharing this??.. No particular reason really.. I just want to know if there is someone else out there that is also like me.. hehe lols..

I am not psyche or anything because I know and learned about multiple personality disorder in our psychology subject, but what I am experiencing is very different. It's more of like a defense mechanism that I personally made to increase my patience and tolerance against stupid people who is living here in this world.

I notice it's almost been two weeks since my last post ^_^. I've been through a lot of work lately, I dodged a very huge bullet that's been bugging me for almost a month, but now it's been taken care of :).. Wish you all the best everyone.. Keep on blogging..

Friday, January 6, 2012


         I tried to think that everything is okay, but reality killed me once again. I really thought that I can already grasp the scenario of what might the future be, but in the end... It was all in vain


I was lost amidst an endless desert, engulfed in total darkness..
I was left alone..
Beaten down by my own weaknesses..
Never been able to feel what is like to live life in its fullest form

What did love has ever done to me?..
Why did I change into someone I never even knew I would become?...

I was naive.. I never thought that..
The moment I knew the voice of her heart was the time I will be lost forever in the track of time.

My words has no meaning, no life, that can reach her.. 
There is no such thing as coincidence...Only nothing..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution

1st post for the year 2012...^_^

First of all, I would like to welcome the year 2012 with a big smile and a new hope that it will give us more opportunities and strength to come. Let's leave all the emotional burdens that we had on the year 2011 and start a new life on 2012 because I have a gut feeling that this year would give us a brighter view on our future.. ^_^

Secondly, I would like to Thank everyone for the everlasting support that you all gave to me last year, without all of you, my blog would have never been able to express its true meaning and I hope that my blog filled you with exceptional feelings that it is trying to deliver to you all.. ^_^

Lastly, I would like to ask you all...

"What are your New Years Resolution for 2012?"..

For me?.. Nothing much really, I'm just hoping for a better career, good health and a more stronger relationship in my family, friends, to my love and most of all to my God. I never actually want a more grandeur life because I realize that life is more than just riches and fame. Hmmmmm, It's more of like just eating what's in the table but it really really satisfies your hunger and fills what you wanted....

I just wanted to have an amazing life that gives me thrills and happiness, But we all know that happiness cannot be obtain so easily, that is why we have to work harder and more efficiently to achieve what we want in our life... Well, I guess my point is that, we just got to have the heart to do what we want to benefit ourselves first before we can help others. Because no matter what we do, we always have to be the 1st one to try before we can give it others.. ^_^..

Have a great Year 2012 ahead to all of you ^_^


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