Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Behind every shadow there is something to expect
Beyond the limits and corners of hesitation deep within
And buried into the soul of a reckless heart
Lies a even greater spirit that can only be achieve by a fighter

Strength, power and honor are the words of wisdom to the eyes of a believer
To the eyes of the heart

"Believe in the eyes of the heart, for it will carve a way to the answer you seek"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heartless Night 6

As I dream of you tonight
Believing that you still love me for the way I am
As I glance through the window of the night
I see you crying
Tears falling like raindrops down to your pale lips
And it pains me to think that I am the one who hurt you
I can never forgive myself for the sufferings that I gave to you
 That's why I ask of you tonight
Spread my hands to reach you

Ask you..

"Do you still believe in dreams and fairy tales?"

But you never spoke a word nor answered my question

You smiled at me..
Looked at me directly in the eyes

And I told myself..

"You are undoubtedly a maiden full of surprises"

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Go Lucky..

Isn't it nice just to sit around all day doing nothing?. ^_^..
Isn't it nice not to worry anything else except what kind of food are you going to eat next?.. lol..
Life is always busy and will always be..
So take time to relax and reflect because it will help you find the answer you seek..

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Armor of the heart..

Shield my heart from all this pains sufferings, hatred, deceptions
Engrave a steadfast armor to protect my fragility
Lead me to a gate of eternal happiness
free me from all the darkness of this world

The heart is nothing more than a piece from a missing puzzle
waiting for a light to come to complete me,
to break these chains that entangled me,
isolated me from all the light of this world

The heart of a man is nothing without his armor
 That is why, it will continue to wither and decompose 
til nothing is left but an empty shell...

It will continue to struggle and fight it's hardest 
just to see through all this challenges in life
It will continue to fight til the end of time

Until someone will come to take away its nakedness
Clothe it with an armor forged with a hope that will last forever
An armor as thick as a dragon's scales
Hard as any metal
An aura as graceful and elegant than the god of war

The heart of a man will never be complete til that someone comes..


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