Tuesday, January 31, 2012

End of the month # 8

Once again it's the end of the month special (^_^) and I am still loss at words here because there aren't a lot of things that occurred lately in my life that is worth sharing to you all. This month is almost as empty as it seems it would be for me, hmmmm.... Maybe because of the fact that I've been training to expand my career without any pay. Yes, I am working without any salary at all and I am very frustrated because my profession is not that promising as I thought it would be, but there is nothing I can do about it, except to just accept things as it is. Yet, another random rant from me :)..

I really would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their visits and support for my blog. I am very sorry for those blogs that I haven't visited because of the fact that I am not that active in my blog nowadays. I can only stay for one to two hours at max. But I will do my best to visit you all back everyday. I really hope that you will all continue to support this random personal blog that I created ^_^..

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Happy Monthsary...


^_^ to me and my baby ^_^

I don't know if this is by custom or tradition or just plain preferences from each individual, but me and my girlfriend are always celebrating the day she answered to my confession. Currently we are 13 months and I hope that we are still going strong all the way up to the end..

I just wanted to share to you all about how love can really hurt you, trample everything you've been working and sacrificing for.. It will almost diminish each and every single thing that you hold dear in your life. But one things for sure, everything that had been lost to you will be eventually returned to you ten to hundred times fold.

Just like the saying, "no pain, no gain"..

But in love, there is everything, every single experience and scenarios that you will encounter will serve as your shield towards a greater challenge, that is why perseverance, trust and faith are very important... ^_^

Friday, January 20, 2012


I've long known my defeat 
The moment I gaze upon your cold eyes
I tried to touch you 
To feel what it's like to be driven by my own fear of defeat
But you seem so far yet so close..

I tried to pierce through your fragile glass armor 
But the reach of my spear is limited
You are far from my reach
But my defeat was soon foretold 

You reach out to me..
Easily broke the layers of my dragon scale armor
Just by the touch of your soft tender hands
My defeat was certain..

You are there.. 
Still staring at me with your cold eyes
Never wavering presence
Aura that emits instant death
You killed me..

You killed the demon within me
You saved me from my darkness
You gave me peace and hope 
In this never ending despair and misery

You gave me defeat 
To see the true light that's been taken away from me

I've known my defeat..
Since the day you try to hold on to me..

My light...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Other Side of me...

I know almost every person in this world has two or more personalities that is always hidden deep inside of them. I know I have, maybe because we tend to use them only in times when we needed them or even in times of desperation.. I have a nasty personality that I always keep within me, nasty yet vigilant because of the fact that I only use it when I am protecting someone or myself..

I've been through a lot things, met different kind of people and I will surely assure you, one or two personalities can't help you live through this life without any consequences. You have to be adaptable to your environment especially in your workplace and in your home.

Why is it I'm sharing this??.. No particular reason really.. I just want to know if there is someone else out there that is also like me.. hehe lols..

I am not psyche or anything because I know and learned about multiple personality disorder in our psychology subject, but what I am experiencing is very different. It's more of like a defense mechanism that I personally made to increase my patience and tolerance against stupid people who is living here in this world.

I notice it's almost been two weeks since my last post ^_^. I've been through a lot of work lately, I dodged a very huge bullet that's been bugging me for almost a month, but now it's been taken care of :).. Wish you all the best everyone.. Keep on blogging..

Friday, January 6, 2012


         I tried to think that everything is okay, but reality killed me once again. I really thought that I can already grasp the scenario of what might the future be, but in the end... It was all in vain


I was lost amidst an endless desert, engulfed in total darkness..
I was left alone..
Beaten down by my own weaknesses..
Never been able to feel what is like to live life in its fullest form

What did love has ever done to me?..
Why did I change into someone I never even knew I would become?...

I was naive.. I never thought that..
The moment I knew the voice of her heart was the time I will be lost forever in the track of time.

My words has no meaning, no life, that can reach her.. 
There is no such thing as coincidence...Only nothing..

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Years Resolution

1st post for the year 2012...^_^

First of all, I would like to welcome the year 2012 with a big smile and a new hope that it will give us more opportunities and strength to come. Let's leave all the emotional burdens that we had on the year 2011 and start a new life on 2012 because I have a gut feeling that this year would give us a brighter view on our future.. ^_^

Secondly, I would like to Thank everyone for the everlasting support that you all gave to me last year, without all of you, my blog would have never been able to express its true meaning and I hope that my blog filled you with exceptional feelings that it is trying to deliver to you all.. ^_^

Lastly, I would like to ask you all...

"What are your New Years Resolution for 2012?"..

For me?.. Nothing much really, I'm just hoping for a better career, good health and a more stronger relationship in my family, friends, to my love and most of all to my God. I never actually want a more grandeur life because I realize that life is more than just riches and fame. Hmmmmm, It's more of like just eating what's in the table but it really really satisfies your hunger and fills what you wanted....

I just wanted to have an amazing life that gives me thrills and happiness, But we all know that happiness cannot be obtain so easily, that is why we have to work harder and more efficiently to achieve what we want in our life... Well, I guess my point is that, we just got to have the heart to do what we want to benefit ourselves first before we can help others. Because no matter what we do, we always have to be the 1st one to try before we can give it others.. ^_^..

Have a great Year 2012 ahead to all of you ^_^


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