Thursday, September 29, 2011

End of The Month #3

This has been a very stressful month for me and my life. I don't have anyone to share my problems with except in this blog only. My parents keeps on pressuring and bugging me what to do in my career, even though they don't tell me anything, I can see it clearly in their eyes. My girlfriend and I always had misunderstanding on simple things but even the simple things could lead to a greater wrath in the end. I really don't know what my priority number in her life because I feel that I am less important to her right now. Oh well, I couldn't help it if she felt that way to me. I just hope that she still loves me. Ooohh Boy.. Problems just keep on rising on and on and on...

All I could do is to let it all out in this blog since I don' have anyone, my best friend is always busy but I know he is not, my friends are here and there on other places, also thinking what to do with their life, so I could not bother them that much..
I just hope that my random rantings will not affect the theme of my blog ^_^...lols

So anyways, even with all the downside, there are always what we call enlightenment which is very strong and very solid within us. I think it is some kind of like a trigger which will be opened once we run out of fuel and just want to run away from all our problems in our life. My enlightenment made me stronger but my trust to the people around me has been lessened. I know that only a selected persons can be close to your life but I didn't expect that the one closest to you could betray you. It's not that complicated of a problem actually but as I said, even the simple of the simplest could greatly affect your own self...

Life as we know is very unpredictable. We don't know when the fire within us will be gone. That is why we have to live life to the fullest without any regrets, but sadly, there will always be regrets.
There will always be thorns on our path, pain that we couldn't imagine, problems that we have yet to face. I just hope that I could survive all these problems that is being bombarded to me..

Just another random rant from me ^_^ - Loveless

And here's another picture to tackle on...

~My Ideal girl, I really hope she is real ^_^~


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