Thursday, March 10, 2011

~Mystery Of Life~

Another time for my life to continue the way I want but it seems that it doesn’t go the way I want it to be and I think the reason for that kind of twisted fate and the sudden change of my destiny is you, The one who changed my life was you, who crossed my life and understands me the most…Even though time is against us that I only met you in a glimpse of that single memory..Is it because of the different paths that we shared for each other but for me it was heaven when I met you, its like I saw a Goddess for the very first time in my life….I don’t know what you thought of me but for me I am thankful to God that I met you and if only there was still enough time left just to be with you, I would really tell you about my one and only true feelings for you…That’s why I asked for God’s help to lend me this borrowed time that I would like to spend with her just enough to tell her how I really feel for her..My only wish is for her to be happy, that’s all I ever wanted even though it won’t benefit me..still for me to see you happy would be enough for me…
I was left in the middle of darkness, I hope I can see a small light of hope, even if it is only a brickering small light, I just want to know how you really feel for me because it has been hard on my part to pretend what I dont want to be. I hope our paths will remain the same even if it is years from now, my feelings for you will never change, you are the only one that can complete my life, my one and only angel that showed me what is like to be alive and taught me the true meaning of happiness, I hope you will never forget me for you are the only one engraved in my heart..Till next time my love….Goodbye~


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